How to lose 10 dress sizes in 40 minutes, more like ty plays the drag #magglecise
Conflicted, how would you like them @vinca15 ?
Pin, keychain? Necklace? No se!!! #clayingaround
Mark “im not a spectacle” Reyes #neverhungoveragain
Totally forgot to take out this cutie dog from the oven last night #oops #clayingaround
Also look what I own now #tysegall
The manipulator #tysegall
regram @kellc92
Pupusa pin. Thanks @magglebutt 💗 #maggleknacks
Buy my pins @zoinksrecords because I rule and zoinks rules #truth
We sad about it
Mix tape party tonight
@allbandssuck is a traitor #banhmark #banhmi
Whazzzup #magglepho
I am made of pho
I have 600 minutes of mix taping to get at, need to spin my records onto these tapes
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